Residential Projects

The construction costs and financing involved in large residential and congregate housing projects are substantial. Return on investment is critical to an owner of a project and Associated  works alongside the client from the inception of a project to ensure that it is cost effective. Our value engineering is an essential part of the design phase. In addition to a focus on minimizing cost while assuring a quality construction standard, affordable tenant-attracting amenities and meeting all applicable government regulations, codes and standards. Associated has a strong history of meeting or improving upon construction schedules, which translates into reduced interest payments and early rental or sale income. With the explosive growth and need for housing, construction professionals experienced in building market-rate and congregate as well as affordable housing are increasingly in demand. With over four thousand units to our credit, we feel very confident in this segment of the construction market, be it high- or low-rise new construction or renovation.
Billings Forge 3

Billings Forge

Owner: Billings Forge Partnership

Architect: Smith / Edwards Architect

Final Contract Cost: $9 Million*

Bushnell Towers 2

Bushnell Plaza Apartment Towers

Owner: Reynolds Company

Architect: I.M. Pei

Final Contract Cost: $55 Million*


*Current Dollar Amount

Delamar Hotel

Owner: Delamar West Hartford LLC

Architect: Smith Bukley Architects PLLC

Final Contract Cost: $25 Million

Flanagan's Landing

Owner: Lexington Partners, LLC

Architect: Barton Partners Architects & Planners, Inc.

Final Contract Cost: $38.5 Million

Maple Avenue MEWS

Owner: Maple Avenue Mews Ltd.

Architect: Raphael Architects

Final Contract Cost: $11.5 Million*


*2014 Dollar Amount

Park Square West / 66 Summer Street

Owner: Trinity Stamford

Architect: ICON Architecture

Final Contract Cost: $55.1 Million


*Joint Venture

Windsor Station

Owner: Lexington Partners, Inc.

Architect: Barton Partners Architects & Planners, Inc.

Final Contract Cost: $18 Million