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January 17th, 2016 by Admin

Hartford, CT – Associated Construction Co., family-owned and operated since it was founded in 1942, is getting its first president who isn’t a member of the Giardini family.

But the new president, Joseph Jankowski, knows the business well: Jankowski has worked for the Hartford-based company for three decades, and has served as principal and business partner of his predecessor, Thomas Giardini.

Giardini, who served as president of the company for 30 years, died last month at the age of 68.

“We will continue to challenge ourselves to strive for great outcomes, relying on our experience, commitment to top quality work; recognizing that each project is unique and important to us,” Jankowski said.

Some of Associated’s projects include ESPN’s Digital Center 2 in Bristol; the original Bradley Field terminal, now being demolished; and two Hartford landmarks: Bushnell Tower and One State Street, also known as the Hartford Steam Boiler building.

The company was founded by Thomas Giardini’s father, Angelo J.M. Giardini, in Groton and moved a few years later to Hartford.


Written by Kenneth R. Gosselin; published in The Hartford Courant on October 14, 2015.





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