Leading with Innovation

It All starts with people

Leadership Training

Monthly training for all employees provides an ongoing company-wide commitment to leadership.  People management skills are at the heart of continuous improvement for each team member.

People First

The success of each project begins with its people.

Where Boots
meet the ground

On-Site daily scheduling puts action where it counts.

Posi-Trak Scheduling

Scheduling starts with the experts… the trades in the field.  Our Posi-Trak method ensures success by involving subcontractors in the weekly planning process.  Everyone is personally invested in a successful outcome.  Commitment is key.

HoloBuilder 4D Imaging

Space and Time are captured with our 4D imaging.  Current progress is compared to rendering and BIM models.  Future facility managers can “see through walls” to pinpoint as-built locations of utilities and equipment.  Immersive imaging facilitates communication in real-time.

the fourth
dimension is time

Any space can be viewed as it progresses with virtual walkthroughs of the building.

Web Cam
Site Surveylance

Owners and Managers can monitor job progress in real-time 24×7.  It is the next best thing to a job site visit.  Safety and security and monitored around the clock.

Full Site Visualization

Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras provide a panoramic view and zoom in on every job detail.

Company wide resource support

Owners know that top management is always just a phone call away for any questions.

360 Degree Management

Company-wide support services are available for every job.  Top Executive Management is engaged, in-tune, and in touch with every project.  Resources are always on-call, as needed by project managers.

Progress Monitoring

A monthly overview of progress and capturing milestone events are achieved through drone aerial videography.  4K video and photography can be used to market projects and publicize events. 

A Birds Eye View

Visualizing a project from the air offers a unique perspective of the overall project.

Teamwork = Success

A smooth-running project depends on the effectiveness of its team.

Team Building

Team building skills are taught every month to all employees.  “We Win When Everyone Wins”  is a core principle at Associated Construction.  Ongoing training ensures a continuing evolution of excellence. 

Safety Is
Our #1 Priority

Artificial Intelligence is used to identify possible safety issues as they occur.  The webcams see it all 24×7 and highlight areas requiring immediate attention. We can assess our success rate through data analysis and even conduct situational analysis by reviewing past events.

Highlighting Issues in real-time

The camera's panorama views everywhere at once, noting areas of concern.

A place to grow

Talent sharing goes both ways, from master to apprentice and fresh ideas to old-school tradition.

Intern & Apprenticeship

Offering opportunity to people from any walk of life is how Associated Construction energizes the company with fresh new talent.  The core traits of curiosity, commitment, and resourcefulness are what we look for in people, both young and old.

Commitment to Diversity

Our commitment to diversity goes far beyond the hiring process. We regularly engage in joint-venture projects where we help minority companies develop their capabilitries.

Partnering For Success

Assisting MBE and WBE companies to grow creates a multiplier effect for diversity with all those they hire.

Managing Beyond Construction

Providing BIM content modeling assists facility managers well beyond project completion.

We Build in 7 Dimensions

Using BIM / Revit we manage in
multi-dimensional space:

  • 3D – Spacial
  • 4D – Time
  • 5D – Money
  • 6D – Sustainability
  • 7D – Facility Management

On-Line Meetings

We bring a small-world approach to a worldwide arena. The online face-to-face meet-up produces timely results, from focused meetings on targeted topics to weekly staff follow-up. Every job site and each desk has this multi-media capability for collaboration.

Instant Engagement

Ad-Hoc huddles bring groups together at a moment's noitice.

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