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Digital Media Center

NBC Universal
West Hartford, CT
Associated Architects
Contract Type:
Construction Management
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Despite some preceding difficulties, Associated brought the WVIT project together under budget through careful planning and scheduling and because of its value engineering recommendations, which saved significant costs. The result is that NBC Universal, the Town of West Hartford, and the State of Connecticut were left with a prominent, highly visible showpiece building seen daily by thousands of highway travelers and commuters along Interstate 84. In addition, NBC required a seamless transition from the old broadcast facility to the new, without any interruption to its broadcast communications services. Upon completing the new digital media building, Associated’s next primary task was to oversee an uninterrupted transition from the old building to the new one. This required Associated to commission the new building and equipment and ensure the facility was fully operational before conversion. Indeed, at one point in time, two broadcast studios were in entire operation simultaneously. No interruption to Channel 30’s broadcast service was experienced during the transition.

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